As seen in The Callaway Courier (November 23, 2017): “Jane Raybould and Deb Fischer: A review”

Jane Raybould recently announced her run for the Senate seat currently occupied by Deb Fischer. As someone who has had the opportunity to meet both candidates multiple times over the past decade, I want to report to you what I have experienced.


As a senior in high school visiting the State Capitol, I requested a meeting with my state senator, Deb Fischer. She refused to meet with me, she was too busy and instead I sat and talked with one of her staffers.


Fast forward to 3 years later as a student at Nebraska Wesleyan I was volunteering at a center for refugees and recent immigrants. I was working on a project in the room when Jane Raybould entered and requested to speak with the director about how her family-owned grocery store could better serve the needs of the incoming community people.


Another 3 years go by and Jane Raybould offers a meeting with the non-profit where I work to discuss how we can work together to help those battling substance abuse. We talked, she listened. She considered. She asked questions. She cared.


Two years later still my husband and I took a trip to Washington D.C. and attended the Nebraska breakfast of the senators and congressmen from the state. Everyone greeted us warmly except Sen. Fischer who made it clear that she could not be bothered and that she had no time for us. Each and every member of the Nebraska leadership in D.C. spoke directly to us, they listened to us.


Deb Fischer did not even make eye contact with us. For the first time in 48 years, Nebraska does not have a senator on the agricultural committee, Deb Fischer has disappointed farmers and ranchers by not representing the massive ag industry of Nebraska.


This is not about party lines. This is about two women who have shown me how much I matter as a community member, voter, and constituent. This is about Sen. Fischer playing politics and voting against the interests of the people I love. When she votes for “healthcare reform” that means taking away coverage for the pre-existing conditions that you or a loved one have. When she voted in favor of the appointment of billionaire Betsy DeVos that means putting someone with absolutely no educational experience in charge of the United States Department of Education.


In my personal experiences of reaching out to Senator Fischer, she has failed to do the right thing for Nebraska time and time again. She votes against our best interests and serves people much wealthier than I am. If you can’t trust politicians you can maybe trust a young woman’s experience with two very different women. Neither women know my name, they don’t know I have been watching closely and quietly.


I have been able to observe both at various times and want you to understand why I will be voting for Jane Raybould. Time and time again, Jane has gone above and beyond to serve those with no voice. She would serve us well.


Vote in the upcoming election and vote wisely for someone who cares about you as an individual instead of big donors or party lines alone.


By Amanda Miller. This article was originally published in The Callaway Courier on November 23, 2017.