Raybould: “Corporate PAC Dollars Have No Place in My Campaign”

Raybould: “Corporate PAC Dollars Have No Place in My Campaign”

Meanwhile Senator Fischer receives nearly half her dollars from wealthy, special interests

Lincoln, Neb.— Jane Raybould is running for the United States Senate to be a voice for Nebraskans—not for Wall Street or the biggest multinational corporations. Her opponent, incumbent Republican Senator Deb Fischer, has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from corporate PACs. Alongside special interest groups and lobbyists, corporations are filling up Fischer’s re-election campaign coffers, buying her support for more corporate giveaways at the expense of Nebraska small businesses and families.

“It’s simple: my vote can’t be bought,” said Jane Raybould, candidate for U.S. Senate. “Nebraskans are fed up with a broken Washington that isn’t serving them. I’m running to give a voice to the hard-working people of my state and I’ll work with business leaders from every sector to keep our economy strong and create jobs, but the tough challenges we face as a nation deserve action—not just words. So today, I am promising Nebraskans that when it comes to corporate PACs—they can keep their dollars.”

Raybould continued, “My opponent took tens-of-thousands of dollars from the telecommunications giants and cable companies, supporting their bottom lines at the expense of rolling back Nebraskans’ freedom of speech and our right to a fair and free internet—Senator Fischer is one of the most ardent advocates against Net Neutrality in the U.S. Senate. The same can be said for Wall Street—she’s taken tens-of-thousands from the biggest banks and voted to take away individual and small businesses’ rights to fight against Wall Street by ending protections for class action lawsuits.”

Less than 6% of Senator Fischer’s re-election campaign donations have come from low dollar, grassroots contributors and the majority of her war chest is funded by out-of-state donors and Washington PACs.

Raybould has thousands of grassroots donors from every corner of Nebraska.

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