Raybould Takes On DC Deb’s Washington Bull

Three-day, six city “No More Bull” tour calls out Sen. Fischer’s record of siding with corporations and leaving her constituents behind

U.S. Senate candidate Jane Raybould concluded a three-day, six city “No More Bull” tour across Nebraska yesterday as she pushed back on Senator Deb Fischer’s TV ad, completely incongruent with her record of shoveling Washington bull to Nebraskans for the last six years.

“I was flabbergasted when Sen. Fischer released an ad saying she has no patience for Washington’s bull — because Washington bull is exactly what she’s been shoveling to Nebraskans for the last six years. During her time in the Senate, Fischer has taken nearly $1.5 million from corporate special interest groups and voted with her big, corporate donors’ interests and against Nebraska families,” said Raybould. “When I travel the state, voters ask me all the time ‘How did Senator Fischer get so rich?’ They want answers, but in true Washington fashion, Fischer dodges the question. Well, you know what? That’s a bunch of bull!”

The tour comes on the heels of weeks of Raybould holding Sen. Fischer accountable for her record of siding with corporate special interests groups and refusing to answer inquiries from the press on how her net worth skyrocketed from $300,000 in 2013 to $4 million in 2017.

“I am so inspired by the voters’ reaction to our  ‘No More Bull’ tour. They know bull when they see it and they know that Sen. Deb Fischer hasn’t been on their side while she’s spent the last six years rubbing elbows with D.C. power brokers, collecting corporate interest cash, voting with her party 98 percent of the time, even when it hurts Nebraskans, and watching her net worth go through the roof,” said Raybould. “She’s been tossing Washington bull to the state of Nebraska for far too long, and in November, the voters are going send the message loud and clear by firing Deb Fischer and hiring a senator who will roll up her sleeves and get to work fighting for them in Washington.”

Friday, “No More Bull” Tour Day 1:
Raybould kicked off the “No More Bull” tour in Falls City, speaking with KLZA 101.3 FM about ending six years of Sen. Deb Fischer shoveling Washington bull to Nebraskans. After, she traveled to Humboldt to walk in the Richardson County Parade. Raybould visited the Pawnee Republican newsroom before joining supporters at a house party outside Humboldt.

Saturday, “No More Bull” Tour Day 2:  
Raybould, a second-generation grocery store owner/operator, surprised volunteers with fresh donuts before joining them to walk in the Gothenburg Harvest Parade. That afternoon, she met voters at the Nebraska State Hand Corn Husking Contest in Gothenburg before competing in the contest herself — finishing third in her division! In Lexington, Raybould hosted a lively discussion at Kirk’s Coffee about how Sen. Fischer is a part of the problem in Washington. Fischer has had six years in Washington to bring both sides together to find solutions on health care, immigration, and many critical issues but instead, she’s been a part of the problem by failing to end the partisan bickering and find solutions.

Sunday, “No More Bull” Tour Day 3:
In Kearney, Raybould spoke with KKRP Radio about the Washington-made trade crisis that has turned into a Washington-made farm crisis for Nebraska’s ag producers — all under Sen. Fischer’s watch. Later that afternoon, NTV News spoke to Raybould about her “No More Bull” tour and her priorities in the Senate which include passing the “Gone Washington Act” to end the influence of corporate special interest cash that has compromised Sen. Fischer’s votes on the Senate floor. Later, volunteers gathered at Harmon Park to kick-off a neighborhood canvass, knocking 200 doors that afternoon. Raybould visited with voters at the Kearney Pride Fest before ending her tour with a house party nearby.