Raybould Statement on Judge Kavanaugh

The following is the statement of U.S. Senate candidate Jane Raybould regarding the proposal to press pause on the Supreme Court nomination process:

“The responsible decision by some in the Senate to press the pause button on this nomination until an FBI investigation is completed stands in stark contrast to the utter abdication of leadership displayed by Senator Deb Fischer. Instead of standing up for survivors of sexual assault, she doubled down on her support for Judge Kavanaugh despite the growing credible allegations of abuse and misconduct against women.

“The Senate Judiciary Committee hearing was a national disgrace. While Dr. Blasey Ford courageously came forward to speak openly about her sexual assault at the hands of the nominee, she was victimized all over again by Republican members of the committee with their condescension and refusal to allow her to present corroborating witnesses. Their behavior not only offended me as a woman but the millions of mothers and sisters forced to watch that outrageous railroad job.

“Unfortunately, Dr. Blasey Ford wasn’t the only victim at the hearing. The others were truth and justice, two virtues that Judge Kavanaugh clearly cares less about than a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court. That in itself is disqualifying.”