Who is Jane Raybould?

As a businesswoman helping to run her family’s 19 grocery stores serving Nebraskans with more than 2,000 employees and hundreds of thousands of Nebraskans walking through their aisles each week, Jane Raybould has an inside ear to what’s on Nebraskans’ minds.

Like most Nebraskans, she’s tired of how divisive and partisan Washington has become, a frustration many have shared with her.

And Raybould is ready to lead starting on Day 1. As Nebraska’s next U.S. senator, she will bring independent-minded leadership and Nebraska common sense to Washington, finding compromise, building bridges, and solving problems just like she does in her family’s grocery business.

What does Jane Raybould stand for?

As a business owner and job creator, travelling across Nebraska or representing her constituents as a member of Lincoln’s City Council, Raybould regularly hears from Nebraskans about the issues that are on their minds. There is a LOT Washington can do—but hasn’t—to alleviate very real concerns ranging from lowering the cost of health care and prescription drugs to protecting Nebraska’s public school system and creating good paying jobs so that hard-working Nebraskans can not only balance their family budget but save and get ahead.

Jane Raybould cares about the issues affecting Nebraska families and will work to make sure Nebraskans have someone who will fight for them in the United States Senate.

Our Issues

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Jane Raybould will fight for Main Street, not Wall Street.

As someone who has brought economic revitalization to small towns and employs more than 2,000 associates at her company B&R Stores, which is comprised of 19 grocery stores serving Nebraskans including Russ’s Markets and Super Savers, Jane knows first-hand how vital independent and small businesses are to every Nebraska community.

The powerful special interests in Washington have led Congress astray. Jane Raybould knows that you don’t create jobs by handing out the biggest tax cuts to huge corporations and biggest campaign donors. Nebraskans deserve real tax reform that provides relief for hard-working Nebraska families, small businesses, seniors citizens, students and farmers. Raybould will fight for actual tax reform that helps Nebraskans see some relief in their wallets.

American citizens have a right to affordable, comprehensive health care, but our system is broken. More than 100,000 Nebraskans use the Affordable Care Act for their medical coverage, but some aspects of the law as written, are not fit for Nebraska families, farmers and senior citizens. The bottom line is this: Hard-working Nebraskans should not have to choose between putting food on the table or paying for insurance for their families. We need to mend, not end, the Affordable Care Act with a replacement solution that works for Nebraska families, farmers and seniors.

Nebraska economy’s lifeblood is agriculture. In every corner of the Cornhusker State, even outside of farming communities, agriculture affects the livelihood of all Nebraskans. It was under Senator Deb Fischer’s watch that Nebraska was left without a voice on the U.S. Senate Agriculture Committee, ending a nearly half-century-long streak of Nebraska senators fighting for Nebraska agriculture on this vital committee.

Jane will make sure Nebraska’s farmers and ranchers have a voice by standing up for the issues that impact their livelihoods and the Cornhusker way of life. Our neighbors to the north and south, and countries around the world, are buying what Nebraska grows and we need more trading partners, not fewer.

And to support Nebraska’s rural economy, we need to attract as well as retain businesses and a strong workforce. Our state needs an advocate for increased broadband connectivity that helps grow commerce and allows agricultural businesses to access technology for production efficiencies, for telehealth and educational opportunities.

With an exemplary public education system, it’s not surprising that Nebraskans are fiercely proud of the state’s public schools. And those schools should be invested in. Taxpayers’ wallets are already stretched too thin, and Nebraskans should not have to fork out more of their hard-earned money to fund a second education system. A voucher system will not work for Nebraska kids. And nationally, there’s a growing education gap that can’t be solved with such band-aid fixes. Jane will fight for a robust public education system that prepares all of America’s children for 21st century jobs and an education system that continues to offer opportunities and be the great equalizer in our society.

There is nothing more important to our senior citizens, and those who will be retiring soon, than Social Security and Medicare. Hard-working Nebraskans deserve to retire at a reasonable age and collect the benefits they’ve faithfully paid into for decades.

Social Security can last—but only if it’s properly taken care of. Jane will fight for Social Security reform, and fight against reductions in benefits, so we can keep our promise to seniors who have worked hard and played by the rules.

Medicare is a lifeline for so many Nebraskans, and we must fight to protect it. As the cost of health insurance and health care rises, seniors are particularly impacted—more can be done to help those who have contributed to the program and earned their benefits. Slashing funding for Medicare is the last thing Nebraskans need.

Jane Raybould believes we need a strong military—and doing so means not just funding their operations but ensuring that our men and women in uniform, as well as military families, are given every opportunity to succeed and enjoy the freedoms they fight for every day.

Likewise, we must do everything we can to ensure that our Veterans are given that same opportunity, from ensuring they have access to the highest quality health care to educational and entrepreneurship opportunities, and that their loved ones are supported as well.

As the daughter of a World War II Veteran, Jane’s father, Russ Raybould, benefited from the GI bill that helped him earn his degree from Creighton University. In the Senate, Raybould will fight to modernize GI benefits to give Veterans a leg-up in the 21st century economy.